General Information


CSGO-Buynds is an open-source web-app for generating buy binds for Counter-Strike: Global Offensive (CS:GO).

Buy binds, also known as buy scripts, are commands for the Counter-Strike PC games that allow quick, 1-button purchasing of weapons and equipment.

Check out the csgo-buynds repo on GitHub to see the code!


This project was started for several reasons:

  • All other buy bind generators only allow configuring a single key bind at once
  • To become more familiar with JavaScript
  • To experiment with AngularJS
  • To learn JavaScript testing patterns

Along with allowing you to configure multiple key binds at once, there are other unique features planned for CSGO-Buynds:

  • Saved player profiles for automatic loading of bind configs
  • Sortable weapons and equipment for customizable purchasing priority
  • Printable key-map for quick reference


The CSGO-Buynds Buy Binds Generator was made for all of the CS:GO PC players out there who don't want to use the clunky radial menu for purchasing their weapons and equipment. The online tool is simple enough for anybody to use yet powerful enough to build highly customized binds. Everyone from noobs to Pros will enjoy being able to create easily-accessible loadouts. Don't get caught fumbling in the CS:GO buy menu. Never be the last player out of spawn again!

The creator of CSGO-Buynds is Jesse Webb (a.k.a. Gweebz), a long time player of the Counter-Strike series.

Development Information

The csgo-buynds project uses Git for version control. The repository is hosted by GitHub.

The website is hosted on GitHub Pages. It does not use Jekyll.

The main branch, gh-pages, is where stable releases are deployed to.

Development should be done on the dev branch. Pull requests are welcomed!

The code is pure HTML5, CSS3, and JavaScript. There is nothing to compile.

Here is a list of which 3rd party libraries are being used:

Tests are written with Jasmine (version: 2.5.2).

Continuous integration is performed with Travis CI.

Jesse's preferred JavaScript IDE is JetBrain's WebStorm.

Release Notes

  • Show prices of equipment and total prices of buy binds
  • Show team-colored labels on team-specific equipment
  • Add hover-over pop-ups that show equipment images and icons
  • Add help page with instructions on how to use buy binds
  • Upgrade 3rd-party libraries
  • Replace ZeroClipboard with clipboard.js (fixes bug #25)
  • Lots of code clean-up!

v0.9.0 (BETA) Released: 2017-03-26

  • New Save and Load buttons on Multi-Key Generator allowing 5 custom configurations
  • Added support to load Binds from built-in presets
  • MKG now has an 'Auto-Generate' option
  • Replaced Key and Weapon select boxes with more user-friendly controls
  • Now Mouse buttons can be used for binds (thanks bpinkert for PR!)

v0.8.1 (BETA) Released: 2015-12-12

  • Added R8 Revolver
  • Removed Google AdSense (for now …)
  • Added sitemap.xml file

v0.8.0 (BETA) Released: 2015-12-07

  • New key-recognition control on Single Key Generator (feature request #2)
  • Added Navigation Keys and Function Keys to Multi-Key Generator
  • New collapsible key sections on Multi-Key Generator
  • Zeus x27 bind changed to "Taser" (bug #6, thanks mike-u for PR!)
  • Added Twitter and Facebook social features
  • Updated versions of all 3rd party libraries
  • Added (more) Google Analytics and Google AdSense

v0.7 (ALPHA) Released: 2014-09-22

  • CZ75-Auto is now a replacement for Tec-9 / Five-SeveN, not the P250
  • Allow two Flashbang grenades to be selected
  • Multi-Key Generator is now the default tab
  • Single Key Generator now has Function & Nav Keys as options
  • Fixed a bug where the MKG 'Cancel' button wasn't discarding changes
  • Other minor CSS / UI bug fixes & improvements

v0.6 (ALPHA) Released: 2014-06-15

  • Add "Copy to Clipboard" button to generated buy binds
  • Allow "Key Bind Options" to be modified & cleared after saving
  • Highlight keys in Multi-Key Generator with saved bind options
  • Update "Home" & "About" pages' content

v0.5 (ALPHA) Released: 2014-04-24

  • Add Multi-Key Generator (MKG)
  • Add full set of CS:GO weapons & equipment
  • Improve responsive & mobile layouts